Shipping Charges

Close To My Heart products are shipped from the United States to New Zealand with Landmark Global. Orders ship from the Close To My Heart, Inc. warehouse in Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA. For customs purposes, the Consignor (sender) of your order is Close To My Heart, Inc., the parent company of Close To My Heart Australasia Pty Ltd.

Standard in-house turnaround time for most orders is 2 to 4 working days from the time the order arrives at Close To My Heart. Shipping charges are as follows:

Country Retail Subtotal Shipping Cost
New Zealand: Retail subtotal less than $150 NZD $11.50 NZD per shipping address
(Note: Only one shipping address is
currently allowed per order on OBAs.)
Retail subtotal between $150–$649.99 NZD $23.50 NZD per shipping address
Greater than $650 NZD $35.50 NZD per shipping address

*Please note that shipping is always based on the full retail value of the item, even when the item is purchased at a discount.

Order Tracking

Landmark ships via Air from the USA to Auckland. From Auckland, orders are sent through New Zealand Post for final delivery. Tracking information is made available on the Friday after your order is shipped, and will be sent to you from Landmark. The tracking number on your package will be updated as it arrives in New Zealand and is transferred to New Zealand Post, who will deliver it directly to you.